Release Treatment

What is a Release Treatment?

A release treatment is usually applied one to three years after pine trees have been planted. Treatments are applied to control herbaceous competition (weeds and grasses) and woody competition (undesirable hardwoods).

Herbaceous Release Treatments

A herbaceous release treatment is usually applied in the first or second growing season of pines. It is very important that trees be able to establish their root system. An early herbaceous treatment can suppress noxious weeds and competition and allow the pine trees to take advantage of the moisture and minerals in the soil, thus allowing the pine trees to get a jump on competition.

Woody Release Treatments

A woody release treatment is used for hardwood control. Hardwood competition control is applied to -

  • Supplement mechanical site preparation
  • Control late sprouting hardwood
  • Hardwood control in naturally regenerated stands
  • Hardwood control of seedlings planted with no site prep

Key Benefits of Release Treatment

Increased growth

Allows for faster rotation

Improves aesthetics