Quality Control

We take quality control seriously

Using GPS-enabled skidders, we can accurately determine coverage area

All of our application skidders are GPS capable, which allows us to accurately determine the number of acres that need to be sprayed. If clients are uncertain of the acreage requiring treatment, we are able to assist by driving the tract and determining this information for them.

We use GPS for guidance in clear cut areas to minimize treatment skips and overlap. With the use of satellites, we are able to see on the screen of the laptop in the skidder we are operating where we have been, and where we will be going. GPS also gives us the ability to generate an actual applied spray area map for the landowner. The GPS system shows only the areas that we have sprayed. We can then print that map and give to the landowner or overlay it on an aerial photograph, or give it to foresters in the form of a .shp file to be imported into their GIS systems.

We use computer-controlled sprayers that ensure precision

The system we use for sprayings is identical to the systems used in precision agriculture. Each of our application skidders have a computer-controlled sprayer as well as up-to-date spray controllers that are equipped with a flow meter, control valves, and boom valves.  These tools enable us to accurately apply any rate of herbicide or fertilizer treatment needed.  We can spray one side of an area or the other, slow or fast, and the computer changes the rate as necessary.  All of our units are flow controlled.

Spray Rate Precision

We have many years of experience writing custom herbicide rates to help landowners meet their specific goals.  We will be glad to meet with you to discuss rates, application timing, costs, and goals.