Drone Herbicide Application

HEI's Drone Herbicide Application

At the forefront of technology advances

At HEI, we like to stay at the forefront of technology, and have added drone herbicide application to complement the spraying services with our skidders. We generally use skidders for the application of herbicide treatment to the forest understory, but in certain cases, drone application can be effective, especially in hard-to-access areas.

In 2020, we added a specialized drone, and added a second drone in 2023. In the proper scenarios, the integration of these machines can be vastly beneficial when you have difficult conditions. Additionally, drone application leaves a lower carbon footprint and can be more cost-effective than skidder spraying.

While drone application is still a developing method of spraying the forest understory, it is important to note that HEI embraces new emerging technologies and does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to forestry management and herbicide application.

Drone herbicide application is yet another tool in our ever-expanding belt.