Bulldozer Services

What are our bulldozer services?

Hipp Enterprises performs bulldozer work on forest and recreational properties throughout South Carolina. Generally we do this work between April and November once our tree planting season is complete. We have four John Deere 650 dozers and one Caterpillar D6H. With our many years spent providing herbicide and fertilization services, we have vast experience working on rural properties. Our bulldozer work complements all of the other services we offer that help create both scenic and functional rural properties. Below is a list of the specific types of bulldozer work we provide:


On rural properties throughout South Carolina, we use our bulldozers to construct new main roads or new access roads as they are needed. For existing roads, we provide maintenance services that are needed in various situations such as after loggers harvest trees, after heavy rains that cause erosion, after years of neglect, etc. This maintenance work helps keep the road systems on your property drivable and properly graded. We implement broad based dips for erosion control and use other methods to ensure high quality rural road systems on your property.


For recreational property owners who use their land for hunting, we provide food plot construction services using our bulldozers. We can build small one-acre food plots for deer hunting or large 10-30 acre food plots for dove hunting. As we construct these food plots, we use best practices to enhance the overall hunting experience on your land.


Using our bulldozers, we can create beautiful pine stands and hardwood stands by clearing all debris, weeds, and overgrowth of vegetation in the forest understory. Sometimes herbicide treatment is not enough to remove an abundance of scrappy standing vegetation, so we can use bulldozers for clearing it. In other cases, the debris left from a logging operation needs to be removed. We attach a rake to the front of the bulldozer and use it to place the debris into wind rows. These wind rows can either be burned or kept and used as cover for wildlife habitat.